Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Uphill Battle

John is an avid bike rider. He does races, he rides for miles and miles upon end, and he competes in triathlons. He owns a road bike that has 18 speeds, two in the front and nine in the back. Early on Saturday mornings, you can find him sprinting around White Rock Lake at a speed of 22 mph. Don't blink, you might miss him!

This morning at 7:00, he was up and out the door before I was even awake. (Sleeping in is the best part of Saturdays, in my book) However, around 9:00, he came rolling back in the house feeling alive and revived. I, on the other hand, was still in my PJs moping around the house trying to stir up some cereal for breakfast. With a smile from ear to ear, John said, "Okay...Let's go!"

I glanced up from my stance in the kitchen and eyed him for a moment. Is he serious? I am not going out...I still have on my pajamas! But John's smile did not budge. "Are you gonna ride in that getup?" he asked.

UGH! Not really wanting to go, I forced myself to put on some Capri pants, a sleeveless shirt and sneakers.

Outside in the brightness of the day, I started to feel a little more awake. The sun was shining down on the pavement and beating down on my skin. It was HOT! But when we started riding, a cool breeze began to cool my face. OK! I thought. This is going to be OK!

Out the gate, across Jupiter, and down the first neighborhood street was easy as pie. We weaved around through the neighborhood streets with ease, turning corners and pumping up tiny hills. I was loving it. Being out in the morning sun with my husband was making my heart happy. It was a dream.

We were flying down Rolling Rock when I spotted the next leg of our journey. A hill as tall as Pike's Peak. (Dun, dun, dun...) My strategy was to gain enough speed to fling myself half way up the hill then I could pedal the rest of the way to the top and (hopefully) not get to tired. Little did I know that gravity doesn't work that way. The fling only got me about a fourth of the way up the hill and when I started pedaling, I still had a LONG way to go before making it to the top.

Panic set in. I really did not want to have to stop half way through to catch my breath. So I started trying to think of something other than what I was doing. I noticed that the sign at the top of the hill said Lubbock Street, so I said to myself, Lubbock...I can make it to Lubbock...Oh wait! Lubbock is really about 600 miles away. Oh, I can't do this...Lord help me do this!

That is when the weirdest thing happened. I felt this hand on the small of my back. It was as if God had reached down and was giving me a little push like a daddy does when teaching a child to ride for the first time.

I heard this small voice whisper in my ear, "You can do it honey. Keep pedaling." That is when I realized that God put John's hand on my back and he was helping me get up that hill. Honestly, it was such an amazing experience to have someone love me so much that he would ride beside me and give me a little push up the hill.

I think that is what God meant to happen in marriage. He meant for each person to help the other by giving a little push. He meant for us to carry each other through the uphill battles of life.

Thank you Lord for knowing just what I needed and giving it to me so freely.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can we become a more understanding world?

Today, I was standing in line behind an elderly couple at Walmart. They had received a check of some kind from Walmart that had something to do with their social security. All this little couple knew to do was bring the check to the store and spend it at the check out counter. Apparently the check did not come with any more explicit instructions.

The lady behind the counter was already moving extra slow, and I think the couple was a little perturbed by her inability to check efficiently. However, the man's aggravation was pricked even more highly when the cashier didn't know what to do with the check he had handed her.

She looked strangely at him as if the check were written in some kind of foreign language. After a moment, she simply inquired, "What is this?"

That sent this man over the edge.
"What do you mean, what is this?" he growled at her.
She was unfazed at his reply.
"I got this check in the mail from Walmart!" he snapped, again.

"Well, sir, I have never seen anything like this before. I don't know what to do with it," the cashier responded as if she didn't even realize that there was a problem. She flipped on the light to her lane and waited for help to arrive.

That is when I started thinking.

This world is really not good to the elder generation. We don't take the time to explain things to those in this world who don't understand all the new fangled technology that comes out every day. We tend to just get offended by or become numb to the anger and frustration of others who just don't get it.

When the manager came to help the cashier, she simply began barking instructions to this little couple... Enter your social security number, sign the machine, enter your number again, etc.

The man just started grumbling under his breath to his wife. "Why do they send you checks that you can't use? Why can't they just send me the money in a way that I can put it in the bank? I hate it when they try to confuse me this way!"

That kind of "help" doesn't seem to solve the problem at all. It just heightens the frustration of everyone involved.

Maybe instead of snapping directions at elderly customers, managers should train people to patiently explain the reasons for how and why things work the way that they do. Instead of becoming aggravated with why someone doesn't understand, instruct them in a nice tone of voice so that they will comprehend the situation. Instead of passing people off as unteachable, find a way to teach them on their own terms.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Happies

Sometimes it is hard to find your happies when you keep bumping into things that make you sad. Found a pic of Jeff today in the bottom of a drawer I was cleaning out. I know it is not spring, but I am cleaning (sort of) anyway.

This picture was of Jeff on the week before Dad died. Why is it so hard to remember around the holidays? What makes this time so much harder than any other? But, I tried real hard today and still came up with some happiness.

*The walk through at Winfrey we know exactly what to do to make our wedding day special.
*PIZZA for Lunch
*My bff going with me to get my WEDDING DRESS!!!
*A smooth ride at the tuxedo shop
*Long nap in the middle of the day with with the one I love
*Dancing to Hard Rock Christmas music
*Getting wedding things done while John and I are off work
*Stuffing stockings full of silly toys for the girls
*Wrapping Christmas gifts
*Movies at home
*A peaceful evening at home with John

All these drops of fun replace the drops of tears. Thank you Lord for happiness!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Happy things

*When 6:30 turns into 7:00
*Spending an extra day with the girls
*Spending the day with John
*Warmer temperatures this morning

Look for more happies on facebook today.

Monday's Happy Things

*Shopping with John
*My sister doctoring me at the dentist office
*Shopping with John
*Cold Stone Chocolate Devotion
*Shopping with John
*Watching Little Women
*Shopping with John
*Greek for lunch
*Shopping with John
*Stir Fry for dinner and cuddling on the couch

Monday, December 21, 2009

5 happy things from yesterday

Whew! Yesterday was filled with so much happiness that I just didn't have time to write it all down.

*Time spent in "The Well" with good friends
*Lunch with my bff group and the bfitw (best fiance in the world)
*A long Sunday afternoon of nothing but lazing around
*A nap close to the one I love
*Short lines at Walmart
*Fast Christmas shopping where the gifts just fall into your hands
*When my fiance makes me hot tea just because he loves me
*Deep breaths
*Planning for the week...planning for our future
*Awesome singing in church
*Children who want to be in the Christmas program
*Seeing old friends in an unexpected place
*Holding hands
*His arms around me
*The love in his eyes

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Five happy things - Day 3

*Riding along side John in his training run.
*Hot Chocolate at Barbec's
*Warm showers
*Time for naps before a long day
*Little girls

Only 5 come to mind right now, but I am sure there will be more to come before this day comes to an end. Look for more.